Our 2023 Guide To Earth-Conscious Made In Washington Makers

Washington is—you guessed it—our favorite place on the planet. So what better way to celebrate our special state this Earth Month than by shining the spotlight on some earth-conscious Made In Washington makers?

But first, some clarification. It can be easy to get hung up on phrases like “earth-conscious” and “earth-friendly,” but they’re really just buzzy terms for many things we do every day. Things like turning the lights off when you leave a room and conserving water while brushing your teeth. Even things that may seem larger scale like developing a recycling routine, composting food waste, and ditching single-use products (buh-bye, plastic bags).

Our state, our region, our world—they’re all big places. And while it can be difficult to see how something as small as a reusable shopping bag can actually make a difference, the important part is that it does make a difference. As with anything in life, small actions add up to big results, and as you learn to become a better steward of our planet, give yourself the grace (and space!) to do your best.

Washington Makers and Earth-Friendly Movers & Shakers

Lucky for you, we know some folks who can help level up your earth-friendly game one step at a time. At Made In Washington, we’re committed to partnering with a diverse group of local makers, artists, craftspeople, entrepreneurs, and small businesses that are doing their part to ensure a better planet for us all.

Good & Well Supply Co Olympic Candle

Good & Well Supply Co

With nature as its inspiration, Good & Well Supply Co offers candles, incense, home décor, and accessories with a distinctly outdoor flair, all designed with sustainability in mind. In fact, customers are encouraged to repurpose their candle tins to help keep them out of landfills. (Think pen holders, planters, or a DIY bank for all that spare change rattling around in your car.)

Home-grown ingredients are the hallmark of this Seattle-based business, and the company prioritizes ethically-sourced, American materials that contribute to reduced shipping distances and a lower carbon footprint.

Chukar Cherries Original Assortment of Chocolate Covered Cherries

Chukar Cherries

We wrote about Chukar Cherries in our Seattle chocolate round-up, but this Yakima Valley snack icon is also walking the walk when it comes to running an earth-conscious business. In fact, the company’s website boasts that “responsible sourcing, recyclable, and minimal waste” have guided Chukar Cherries since its early days nearly four decades ago.

Today, this Washington staple embraces innovative, plant-based packaging; supports responsible forestry; and utilizes carbon-neutral shipping services. Even the cherry pits from the Chukar processing plant are diverted to local agribusiness, which in turn reduces landfill waste. Now that’s the cherry on top of an earth-friendly company!


Riverdance Soapworks Lavender Zest Soap

Riverdance Soapworks

“We exist to better the earth and the lives of all her inhabitants.”

That’s an ambitious goal—but if any organization can achieve it, we have to believe it’s Riverdance Soapworks. The company’s products are handcrafted using ingredients that are thoughtfully curated and reduce humans’ environmental impact. From olive and coconut oil to shea butter, lavender buds, and even coffee, don’t sleep on Riverdance Soapworks. Clean products just hit differently—and your skin will thank you.

San Juan Sea Salt, Sustainable Salt


San Juan Island Sea Salt

Nothing makes us saltier than energy waste, which is why we’re all heart-eyes emoji for San Juan Island Sea Salt and its earth-friendly salt production processes. This company gathers saltwater locally from a private beach on San Juan Island and transports it to salthouses warmed only by the sun. (We stan a solar legend.) A little time, a little heat, a little evaporation, and voila—350 pounds of sea salt are ready to be harvested by the San Juan Island Sea Salt team. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

Seattle Chocolate Spring Collection, a eco-friendly chocolate


Seattle Chocolate

You may know Seattle Chocolate for its tasty treats or its philanthropy, but did you know that the company is also taking actionable steps to combat global warming?

Seattle Chocolate has worked tirelessly to do its part to reverse the effects of climate change on our planet. And boy, has it been successful. By intentionally sourcing ingredients and supporting climate-smart, sustainable farming methods, Seattle Chocolate has officially achieved carbon-neutral status and aspires to create a carbon deficit by 2024.

Stemlit, an eco conscious brand, Apples and Smoked Salmon


As Wenatchee-based Stemilt approaches its 60th year in business, World Famous Fruit isn’t the only thing that defines this family-owned operation. Stemilt has a storied history and a decades-long commitment to our planet. Over time, this focus has grown to encompass not only organic farming practices, but also empowering employees and their families to enjoy the communities where they live, work, and play.

Earth-Conscious Quick Hits

There are plenty of other Washington makers with a knack for sustainability. Here are a few we think you should know about!

  • Columbia Valley Family Farms: A second-generation farming business that emphasizes integrity and transparency—especially in its products and the ingredients it sources.
  • Firefly Kitchens: A woman-owned business producing fresh ferments packed with crunch, tang, and zest (a winning combination, in our opinion).
  • Flying Bird Botanicals: A PNW tea company that prioritizes “planet and people over profit,” and that lives its mission by utilizing only organically-farmed and ethically-wildcrafted herbs.
  • LEAP: A Bellingham-based family-owned business offering nut butters aimed at helping folks more easily adopt a plant-based diet.
  • Neptune Snacks: Fish jerky? Sign us up! Aside from being downright delicious, this company’s products help reduce seafood waste and support local wild-caught fisheries.
  • OrcaSong Farm: A hidden gem on Orcas Island, OrcaSong Farm is dedicated to promoting wellness in all its forms—including through plant-based products.