Riverdance Soapworks

Luxurious, Handcrafted Bath & Body Products

Naturally Better Skincare

Shelton, Washington

Riverdance Soapworks has been intensely involved in researching, developing and handcrafting all natural, "true" soaps and a beautiful line of additional bath and body products since 1991. They are one of the longest-standing handcrafted soap manufacturers in the US. Deb started handcrafting her own bath and body products in 1991 while living a "back to basics" lifestyle on a farm at the base of majestic Mount Rainier in Washington State. Soap making became her passion as well as her livelihood, and the 'factory' quickly outgrew the confines of her home. Living on the Skokomish River for over 20 years has affirmed her lifelong belief that nature cleanses, heals, and nurtures all living things. For Deb, dancing by the river was a way to celebrate and honor those healing benefits. It's no surprise then that the desire to change the name of the business to Riverdance Soapworks was constantly on her radar. The Riverdance Soapworks™ logo was adopted in 2013 and a whole new branding style evolved. There really is no substitute for experience. You cannot create it, or imagine it. You must undergo it. Their passion for the craft has served as both anchor and compass to keep them on course through the evolution of their business. Riverdance is a proud and grateful member of the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild.
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