Tom Douglas

Rub With Love

Seattle, Washington

Nationally acclaimed chef Tom Douglas is a self taught culinary expert.  In 1984 Tom worked at a local restaurant, and then later on opened his own restaurant called Dahlia Lounge. He continues to craft his culinary skills, and has opened several restaurants including Greek, Italian, and Pacific Rim cuisine, and uses the very best Pacific Northwest ingredients in all of his Seattle restaurants.  In 1984 Tom was awarded the Best Chef in the Northwest by the James Beard Foundation, and was later nominated for a James Beard Award as one of the best new restaurants in the US.


For the last 30 years, he’s made a name for himself alongside business partner and wife Jackie Cross and business partner (since 2006) Eric Tanaka by opening 13 full-service restaurants; an event space, Palace Ballroom; a cooking school, Hot Stove Society; and a product line including rubs, sauces, mustards, and knives. The James Beard Outstanding Restaurateur, self-described as “middle-aged, tall, and round,” can be found at any of his restaurants on any given day putting in the work to create a successful restaurant group. As he reminds himself and his staff, “no one can out effort us.”

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