Walden Lane Gourmet - Garlic & Scallion Olive Oil

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While there are many popular ingredient pairings in culinary repertoires, there may be none as prominent as the humble garlic and onion. Enter the Walden Lane Gourmet Garlic & Scallion Olive Oil, a fragrant oil infused with fresh garlic and scallions, blended in small artisan batches. It will quickly become your "go-to" olive oil of choice. There are very few culinary creations that wouldn't benefit from a little, or a lot, of this tasty combination.

Try a pizza night accompanied by an assortment of Walden Lane Gourmet olive oil and balsamic concoctions, and this is one of their favorites drizzled over "pie".  Toss with potatoes for a truly special spud experience. This olive oil will also take your dish to the next level when added as a finishing element right before serving!

Stackable Signature Bottle, 7.8 fl oz.

On KIRO radio Hot Stove Society Podcast: Mother's Day Deliciousness 4/26/2024

Olive oil infused with garlic & scallions. Gluten free.