Walden Lane Gourmet


Tap Into Your Inner Culinary Spirit

Langley, Washington

For more than a decade, Walden Lane Gourmet has sought out the highest quality all natural non-GMO ingredients and handcrafted their balsamic, oil, spice, and sea salt blends in small batches to ensure peak quality and flavor. With special touches, such as integrated pour spouts on every Stackable Signature Bottle to their brand new gluten free production facility, they continue to offer their customers an innovative and health-conscious gourmet food experience. Walden Lane Gourmet began selling culinary creations at craft fairs and festivals in 2007, introducing the balsamic and olive oil community to their exquisite stackable square bottles imported from Italy. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, Walden Lane Gourmet made a name for itself with local foodies and chefs alike.


Having been a WLG customer since the beginning, the current owner, Lisa Liefke, jumped at the opportunity to purchase the company in 2018, when the founders retired. Shortly thereafter, her cousin, Matt McMorrow, came on board to help relaunch the business that holiday season. They had a blast during their debut at the 2019 summer festivals. It was an exciting time to introduce new customers to their products and reintroduce previous customers to the new WLG. Although 2020 didn’t go quite as planned, they quickly pivoted and focused on other ways to introduce new retailers and online buyers to their fun and delicious offerings. They continue to inspire their customers to tap into their inner culinary spirit and experiment in the kitchen during these unprecedented times. There’s never been a better time to try new recipes, ingredients, cooking techniques, and more. And as always, they encourage you all to cook with abandon!

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