Walden Lane Gourmet - Smuggler's Cove Seafood Blend

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While so many seasonings are geared towards pork, poultry, or beef, Smuggler's Cove Seafood Blend has all the fish fanatics covered! Whether fresh line-caught salmon off the Pacific or jumbo shrimp off the Gulf Coast, this sweet and tangy blend of spices is sure to please.

The addition of two unique lemony ingredients, along with all the usual suspects (garlic, onion, celery seed, etc.) makes this an easy all-in-one seasoning, with no need for other fussy ingredients. For the ultimate seafood feast, this would be fantastic to use for a crab or shrimp boil, whether to season the stock or as a finishing salt right before serving. Or, the next time you are lucky enough to have lobster, combine this with melted butter for the ultimate dipping sauce. And use for an ultra-quick seafood spice blend for anything from salmon and halibut to clams and scallops.

Reusable Transparent Grinder, 1.9 oz

Onion, turbinado sugar, garlic, sea salt, natural lemon juice powder, paprika, lemon peel, dill, black pepper, celery seed, other spices. Gluten free.