New Year, New Recipes from Your Made In Washington Gifts

We’re checking in after what we hope was a magical and restful season for you and your favorite people. Have you put those Made In Washington gifts we recommended to use yet? If you haven’t—or if you’re looking to treat yourself to something new—we’ve taken each food-related idea from our December blog, checked it twice, and compiled a list of recipes that utilize everything from your new coffee beans to your Hot Damn Pepper Jam

This guide will give you lots of inspiration to create warm comforts that will keep you cozy all winter long. So, even if you’ve only semi-emerged from your holiday hibernation (we’re right there with you!), you’ll have delicious treats to tide you over until spring. 

Ready to dig in? Yeah, us too. 

Put Those Food Gifts from Washington State To Good Use

Inspired by a Starbucks customer favorite, many savvy at-home chefs are perfecting their versions of the popular Medicine Ball (aka Honey Citrus Mint Tea, commonly known as “The Coldbuster”) at home—and with local ingredients. Put your jars of Apolis Craft Tea’s Honey Mint and Peach Pie to good use by mixing them with a little lemonade, honey, and a slice of lemon. Bonus: Kids like it, too. Winter colds, be gone! 


Apolis Tea Medicine Ball

Once you’ve finished your tea (we’ll wait) and while you’re popping chocolates as a little post-sip dessert, treat yourself to a tour of the Fran’s Chocolates Recipes page. You’ll learn about Chocolat au Chocolat Ice Cream, Fran’s Reine Torte, and Gold Bar Brownies. While these recipes aren’t made with your new box of chocolates, per se, they’re surely inspired by an expert group of artisans who know their cocoa beans. Plus, starting a new year with cooking inspiration is always a good idea. 

Fran's Chocolate at Made In Washington

Got guests or a reason to celebrate? Brew up a batch of Rumchata Spiked Coffee with your tummy-friendly Caffè Appassionato beans. Read this post for the full recipe, which includes hot coffee, rumchada liqueur, dark rum, black walnut bitters, whipped cream, and cinnamon. 

More of an Espresso Martini type? We have something for you, too. Try Salish Lodge’s Espresso Martini made with Campfire Coffee! If you’re making this on your own instead of from one of the view seats at Salish Lodge (highly recommend if you haven’t been—and even if you have), you’ll have to play with proportions. Here’s what it includes: Crop Pumpkin Vodka, Five Farms Irish Cream, Kahlua, and Campfire espresso. Expert cocktail tasters and home shakers will go to Salish Lodge to sip theirs, identify proportions, and go home for more R&D. Let us know if you ever need people to warm up your bar stools. We have a few who would be more than happy to come over. 

Espresso Martini Made In Washington

If, per our suggestion, you got Tom Douglas’s African Peri Peri Rub in your stocking this year, you’re in luck—the Tom Douglas team has an impressive repository of recipes for all their rubs here. One of your new go-tos? Bacon Fat Spicy Cheddar Crackers, made with Goldfish Cheddar Crackers, butter, bacon fat, three Tom Douglas rubs (including African Peri Peri), and salt and pepper to taste. This is the perfect addition to your Super Bowl spread, too—just sayin’.  

Tom Douglas Peri Peri Rub Made In Washington

If salty snacks have you salivating like we are, scroll through San Juan Island Sea Salt’s Cooking Inspiration page for all sorts of ways to use their spices, including your new Popcorn Blend Sea Salt. If you’re ready to really experiment, do as Brady and team says and sprinkle that Popcorn Blend Sea Salt “on basically any type of pasta.” 

San Juan Island Sea Salt Popcorn Blend

For those of you looking to take our regular meals up a few notches, take it from us: Girl Meets Dirt’s Hot Damn Pepper Jam makes a fantastic Sweet ‘n Spicy Girl Meets Grilled Cheese. It’s got all the things we’ve grown up with and still love—mayo, white bread, American cheese—and foodie additions that keep our gourmet sides satisfied. Sub your new Pepper Jam for the tomatoes this round, and play with how you like your gooey sandos. If we know anything, we know our favorite recipes always take a little personal research and development. Try it a few ways, and let us know if your lunches are forever upgraded like we’re confident they will be!  

Any Northwest-lover knows salmon is core to our cuisine—find a few new ways to utilize your SeaBear Smokehouse Smoked Wild Coho Salmon in the Anacortes-based company’s huge catalog of recipes. They’ll add depth and that irresistible combination of salt, fat, and acid to your diet. Peruse them all here. Some of our go-tos? Smoked Salmon Avocado Chips, Wild Salmon Buffalo Wings, and Smoked Salmon Tartare

SeaBear Smokehouse Smoked Salmon Chips Made In Washington

Last, but certainly not least, your Harvey’s Butter Rum Batter’s Holiday Gift Pack is great for snacking. And its foundational ingredient, Harvey’s Butter Rum Batter, is primed to be an ideal addition to so many delicious, cinnamon-y recipes. Peruse them here. Start with Harvey's Caramel Sauce (great on everything), add some Spiced Nuts to your next award show soirée (or game day watch party), and—if you’re in the mood for indulgence—make a batch of Harvey’s Chocolate Lava Cake

Eat Well with Made In Washington

Whew! We’ve started your year off on a delicious foot, haven’t we? There’s a lot to marinate on here, so we’ll leave you to compile, cook, and create the perfect concoctions for you. But, know this: We’re always eager to talk food ideas with you, so don’t hesitate to find us on Instagram and Facebook to tell us what you’re cooking up in your kitchen!