Harvey's Butter Rum Batter

Quality, Passion & Of Course Tradition

Bremerton, Washington

From Harvey Hudson to Stacy Ryan, President, Harvey’s Butter Rum Batter, LLC


Harvey Hudson first created his special butter rum batter in 1952 while tending bar at a local Bremerton, Washington lounge. It earned such a following that customer’s began asking to buy a tub to make their own drinks at home.  In the 1960’s the demand had grown so much that he contracted with a local dairy and started producing the batter in larger batches after hours using their equipment. The dairy distributed the tubs on their home delivery route.


The business continued to grow and in 1972, Harvey opened his own plant in Bremerton, WA and expanded his distribution. Harvey was passionate about his business and his customers until 2011, when he passed at the age of 94. Having been born and raised in the same community, and knowing its great history, Stacy Ryan was delighted to purchase Harvey’s Butter Rum Batter in December of 2011.


In the fall of 2014, Harvey’s purchased the Little River Candy Company out of Wenatchee, WA and added a new treat to the line.   Crisp and delicious, their toffee popcorn is like no other. It’s truly a confection and made using real candy making techniques. There are no shortcuts taken here, and once you try it, you are sure to become a fan, just like of their batter. Look for their both sweet and savory varieties; they’ll always showcase them in their famous yellow and black packaging.

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