Walden Lane Gourmet - Roasted Chile & Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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We dare you not to immediately fall in love with the amazing aroma of garlic the minute you open this bottle! And as for the flavor, what starts as garlicky bliss, finishes with a slowly developing heat that lingers on the tongue. The combination is sublime if you love chili and garlic as much as Walden Lane does.

Homemade pizza night wouldn't be complete without an array of Walden Lane olive oils and balsamics to drizzle on your pies. A favorite for this occasion is hands-down the Roasted Chili & Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Really, it would be fantastic on any Italian dish, from pizza and panzanella, to risotto and rigatoni. Think you don't like Brussels sprouts? Pan-roasted in cast iron, cut-side down, with a combination of this oil and a little butter until brown and caramelized and it will definitely change your mind. Brushing this on any vegetable before or after cooking will make a veggie fan out of even the pickiest eaters!

Stackable Signature Bottle, 7.8 fl. oz.

On KIRO radio Hot Stove Society Podcast: Mother's Day Deliciousness 4/26/2024

Olive oil, garlic, roasted chilies, extra virgin olive oil. Gluten free.