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For an exploration of the highest-quality all-natural sea salts, their Classic Artisan® Sea Salt Sampler is a great place to start. Their classic collection features five of their most popular sea salts ideal for every pantry and any dish. Encased in mini boutique glass jars with stunning black walnut lids, this sampler set elevates everyday cooking, no matter your flavor preference. The short wide design of the boutique jar makes it easier to grab a pinch of salt!

A game-changer at the table or in the kitchen, this Classic Salt gift set offers a range of gourmet salts with distinct colors, flavor, and textures from around the world. From the caviar-like quality and elegance of carefully hand-harvested Fleur De Sel, to the vibrant and mineral-rich grains of Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink salt, to beautiful Alaea salt infused with Hawaiian red clay, each salt crystal is meticulously crafted to be the highest quality and offer superior taste. Use as a finishing touch on roasted root vegetables, grilled seafood, or homemade chocolates to turn any dish into an irresistible delicacy. Convenient packaging, beautiful artwork and stunning jars make this salt collection an ideal gift for anyone who loves cooking; or store in your own kitchen to season your favorite dishes.


  • Polar®Cold Water Sea Salt - Flake
  • Alaea Red Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt - Small Grain
  • Sel Gris French Grey Sea Salt - Tamis© Grain
  • Fleur de Sel French Flower of Salt
  • Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Pink Salt - Flake

Their beautiful, custom mini boutique jars measure 1.7" x 1.7" x 1.6".

  • All Natural Product
  • Kosher Certified
  • Certified Authentic
  • Organic Compliant
  • Made in USA

Images provided by: SaltWorks, inc. (800)353-7258

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Great product

I love this store. Nothing better than getting products from the state you live in. Fast delivery, and always the perfect gift