Mount Rainier National Park Bear Family Adventures

Come along with the bear family as they explore the many exciting seasonal adventures at Mount Rainier National Park. Chock full of Mount Rainier fun facts for the trivia enthusiast!  This children's picture book is inspired by some of the author's favorite adventures around the mountain. It follows a family of bears as the enjoy year-round adventures in Paradise, Longmire, Sunrise, Ohanapecosh, and Mowich.

An avid hiker and biker, Sara Graham's love of adventure and family time in nature shines through the pages. Children will appreciate the charming illustrations and approachable story line. Adults will enjoy the fun facts sprinkled through the book. An activity at the end of the book reinforces the 10 essentials in an effortless and fun way.

All proceeds are donated to the Washington’s National Park Fund

Children's Book - Mount Rainier Outdoor Adventure
Publisher: Independently published by Graham (2021)
Author: Sara Graham
Illustrator: Sara Graham
Language: English
Format: Jacketed Case-Laminate
Pages: 22 pages
ISBN: 978-0-578-97029-5
Size: 8.75"x8.75"x.25"

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