Girl Meets Dirt - Lemon Lavender Shrub, lg.

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A 2019 Good Food Awards Winner, this shrub makes the winter bearable. Girl Meets Dirt does their darndest to use every scrap of the fruit they work with, and this effort towards resourcefulness led them to dipping lemon rinds in sugar. The pleasantly bitter notes it yielded called for a delicious pairing with English lavender put up from the garden, hanging above the pots. This shrub is screaming to join your French 75 cocktail, and sings sweetly on its own with seltzer.

12.6 oz.

They farm and grow many fruits organically and use Fair Trade unrefined organic cane sugar. Outsourced fruits and vegetables are sourced locally and from small farms.

Handmade on Orcas Island

Organic lemons, organic cane sugar, organic white wine vinegar, filtered water, lavender.