Foster's - Pickled Asparagus Spears Original

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Foster’s pickled products, grown on a family farm nestled in the heart of Washington's Columbia Valley, are guaranteed to be a treat to taste buds around the world!  Enjoy asparagus for the whole year rather than just a few short months during harvest. Requires no refrigeration until opened and then it will keep at least 6 more months in your refrigerator.

These pickled asparagus spears jars are great for entertaining or quick, healthy snacks. They are carefully prepared using a traditional recipe perfected by 30 years of experience. Delicious as hors d'oeuvres, enjoy right of the jar, add to charcuterie boards and salads, or spice up cocktails.

Low in calories, locally grown
All natural (no preservatives)
Farming and packing with food safety in mind, know A-Z where the products and ingredients come from
Gluten free

16 oz

Customer Reviews

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Excellent pickled asparagus

Perfectly balanced pickled asparagus. I highly re

Absolutely the Best

Flavor, texture, and price can’t be overstated.

I have purchased other brands but there is no comparison

Ginny Ellis
The BEST Pickled Aspapagus!

I LOVE Foster’s Pickled Asparagus! I eat it almost every day. I even put it in salads. I cut up two whole jars in my avocado salad (I make a very large salad that lasts for days.) We used to get the 32 oz jars at Costco, but they have quit carrying it, and I’ve found it difficult to find in stores. I’m only able to find it through the internet. Made in has the best prices! I can literally eat a whole 16-oz jar in one sitting! This is the bomb!