Coro by Salumi - Classic Salumi Salami Piccolo Salami - Uncured


Garlic / Ginger

Their signature flavor, Classic Salumi Salami has a mild flavor to please everyone. While they honor the classic cured meats of the old world, they can’t help adding their spin on it, this time with garlic and a hint of ginger.

5oz piccolo salami is 7 inches long by 1.6 inches wide

Meat is shelf stable. Refrigeration is not required.

Instructions: Easy-to-eat & ready to slice. No soaking, or peeling required. 

Uncured salami uses celery juice powder - a natural form of nitrate and nitrite. Please note, weights are approximate. Product sold as a stick and is not pre-sliced.

- $-13.50
  • $13.50

Classic: Pork, sea salt, turbinado sugar, spices, garlic, celery juice powder, lactic acid starter culture