SeaBear - Co-Ho-Ho Merry Christmas Smoked Salmon 6oz

Salmon Claus always serves smoked salmon at the holidays, and his favorite is smoked Coho (Silver) salmon. He loves the beautiful orange-red color, big flakes and mild flavor. Smoked in the traditional Northwest Style, Salmon Claus' salmon is moist, flaky, fully cooked --- unlike any other smoked salmon in the world. Each 6 oz. salmon fillet is vacuum-sealed in our famous Gold Seal pouch, then gently cooked in it's own juices -- this preserves the salmon naturally, so no refrigeration is need until opened, making it perfect for sharing as a gift.  Enjoy, this holiday tradition from the SeaBear Smokehouse and Merry Christmas!
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  • $20.00
Smoked Salmon (Wild Coho Salmon, salt, cane sugar and natural wood smoke).