Barn Cat Creations - Maker's Choice Spa Gift Box

Maker's choice spa box. Each box will be a unique collection of Barn Cat scents and colors - leave the mixing and matching to the maker for a delightful one-of-a-kind spa experience. No two boxes will match exactly. Each box will include the following favorites:

  • 3 artisan soaps 
  • 1 facial soap
  • 1 clay face mask
  • 1 soap lift

Your box will contain (3) Artisan Soaps, 4.75 oz:
Handmade soaps, Vegan, Gluten Free

  • Dapper (Black and Blue) - Scented like classic men's aftershave or cologne, Dapper is the perfect soap for those who love a classic gentleman. OR
  •  Tropical Sorbet (white, pink and yellow swirls) - If you like sweet, coconut and anything tropical, this is for you. Bright swirls of yellow and pink decorate this tropical beauty and make you wish you had a nice frozen drink on the beach. OR
  • Taj (Tan, Brown and Orange swirl) - This soap will bring you right to the spice markets of India! Smoky and earthy with blends of clove, patchouli and a hint of citrus, this bar is a fabulous blend of fragrances. The swirl in this soap is a mix of gold, orange and brown, and leans to a masculine scent, while maintaining a nice earthy scent. OR
  • Rose Bouquet (pink, dark pink and white swirl) - This soap is scented with a modern rose fragrance, and topped with pink and red rose soap blooms, and green soap leaves. The inside has swirls with pink, off white and a darker pink. OR
  • Fresh Tea Leaves (pale green with poppy seeds) - This bar has a light refreshing scent of green tea and cucumber. The pale green is accented by a tea leaf impression on the top, and subtle addition of poppy seeds in the middle. The seeds will give a gentle exfoliation, but will still be gentle enough to use daily in the shower. 

Your box will contain (1) Facial Soap, 3.5 oz:
Soaps are extremely skin loving, with a high percentage of olive oil, specifically for its fabulous moisturizing properties!

  • Bright (black charcoal bar) - While this soap is ideal for the face, it can easily be used all over the body wonderfully. This soap is scented with orange essential oil and tree tree oil, which provide an invigorating scent and all the benefits of tea tree oil. OR
  • Rosie (pink/orange) - Rosie is geared towards dry and/or mature skin that needs a little more love and moisturizing properties. Rosie is full of rosehip seed oil which is wonderful for dry skin and rosehip seed powder which gives the bar a pink and orange hue and adds to the wonderful moisturizing properties.
Your box will contain (1) Facial Mask, .75 oz:
Kaolin Clay Masks
  • Marilyn - This clay based mask is blended with colloidal oats. The clay is an incredible tool to bond onto the dirt and oil in your skin and gently wash it away. OR
  • Sundara - This mask brings in the wonderful benefits of turmeric, along with kaolin clay and powdered coconut milk. Sundara is gentle enough to be used multiple times a week, while leaving your skin refreshed and smooth.
Your box will contain (1) Soap Lift:
Made from bio-plastic, composed of corn and soy and manufactured in the USA. Soap lifts are biodegradable over time as compared to the mass-manufactured versions made out of plastic.
  • Tan OR
  • White

NOTE:  Specific scents or colors cannot be requested or selected by the purchaser, this is a Maker's Choice collection.

- $-50.00
  • $50.00