Spokandy Chocolatier

Each Confection Is Made By Hand

Spokane, Washington

In 1913, Terrance Riley founded Riley’s Candy Company in Spokane, Washington with a flagship treat called “The Murphy”. It consisted of a whipped vanilla mallow center, hand-dipped into milk chocolate, and then rolled in toasted coconut. Now, more than 100 years later, this confection is still made at the factory today.


In 1991, after both a change in name and ownership, current owner Todd Davis (at the age of 19!) purchased Spokandy and began a lifelong journey steeped and sweetened in the operations of a candy business. He bannered a motto as a nod to the values instilled by Terrance Riley over 100 years ago. “Premium Ingredients, Premium People, and Premium Products create Premium Customers.”


The company currently produces a full line of chocolate truffles, sugar free candies, and huckleberry confections and jams.

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