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Spokane, Washington

In 2013, spice guru and Chef Pete Taylor joined forces with acclaimed food blogger Heather Scholten to create the most innovative spice company ever… Spiceologist! Pete and Heather created the award winning Spiceologist Block and funded the production with a successful Kickstarter campaign. The Spiceologist Block holds up to 44 gourmet spices on your kitchen countertop stylishly. 


When they’re not in the spice lab conjuring up new and exciting spice blends, you’ll probably find this duo experimenting in their test kitchen. Pete and Heather coined the term “Think outside the grill" with their collection of all natural spice rubs. 


Their all natural, no-funky-stuff-added spice rubs aren’t just for the BBQ. Throw some Raspberry Chipotle in your brownie mix, or sprinkle Black and Bleu on your popcorn!

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