Shrub Farm

Prebiotic Raw Fresh & Alive

Bellingham, Washington

Shrub Farm is a family owned small business in Bellingham, Washington. They handcraft their Shrub mixers right here in the cascade foothills, with produce from the local Washington farming community. You can find them every Saturday morning at the Bellingham Farmers Market buying produce and selling their Shrubs. Josh and Tomo met in 2009 while studying massage in upcountry Maui, Hawaii. Foodies at heart and always experimenting with new flavors, the pair brainstormed and studied food culture and finally decided to focus on “shrub vinegar preserves”. 


While traveling in Japan visiting family they discovered a blueberry vinegar drink made by Tomomi’s mother. The sweet of the blueberries and honey, and the sour from the vinegar made the most refreshing, balanced drink. With encouragement from mixologists and distillers, the couple started Maui Shrub Farm in 2016. In 2017, inspired by their Northwest roots they began Cascade Shrub Farm based in Bellingham, Washington. Today, the two branches have merged to become the one-and-only Shrub Farm. Shrub Farm has created seven unique delicious flavors of shrub by partnering with organic farms in Washington State and Maui, Hawaii. In their free time, Josh and Tomomi love spending time with their son, Harley; being in the outdoors, hiking, surfing, and seeking beauty in nature.

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