Holy Bee's Bakery

The Right Balance Of Sweetness

Seattle, Washington

Holy Bee’s Bakery was founded in 2019 by a couple who was simply looking to share the joy of their baked goods. As a kid, Vincent Leung had already learned that sweet treats can bring happiness to people after he gave his grandmother some handmade cookies for Christmas. Needless to say that the cookies were not good but she still finished them all and hugged him while saying “those were the best tasting cookies in the world”. Until now, that moment keeps on replaying in his mind. Then he decided to actually make something that tasted good by spending a couple of years in Tokyo, Japan to learn the basics of becoming a pastry chef.


Holy Bee's mission is to bring happiness to customers who try their baked goods while offering some healthier products with significantly less sugar than other bakeries, and only use great quality ingredients in their products. The key to making delicious desserts is to find the right balance of sweetness, and it shouldn’t be overpowered by a large amount of sugar. So now, customers can definitely feel way less guilty while having a “guilty pleasure”.

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