El Fuego Pepper Sauce

If You Can't Stand The Heat, There's Still The Flavor

It's Getting Hot In Here!

Bellingham, Washington

El Fuego Pepper Sauce started in 2016 when owner, Erin Keedy, started producing pepper sauces based on showcasing the unique flavor of each pepper before the heat kicks in. By 2017, they were doing dozens of local craft markets and farmers markets as well as entering their sauces in international competitions. When they brought home their first award in 2017, and every year since, they knew they were definitely on to something! Erin enjoys perfecting the delicate balance of sweet and spicy in her array of fruit based and sweet pepper jelly style sauces. Ranging from mild to hot, she enjoys making simple, clean, bright sauces using freshly squeezed juices, fresh peppers and whole, high quality ingredients. They source local produce when possible and offer a variety of seasonal sauces using local berries. Made in small batches, with love, in Bellingham, WA.
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