Dilettante Chocolates Truffle Cremes - Dark and Milk Chocolate Assorted Truffles


A sweet chocolate escape!  Enjoy these holiday flavor combinations that feature silky-smooth chocolate ganache centers enrobed in generous layers of rich chocolate.  Individually wrapped in vibrantly colored foils, these bite-sized truffles are made using premium, all natural ingredients.  

Features Dilettante's most popular chocolate Truffle Creme flavors. Experience the diverse tastes of Peppermint, Butter Toffee, Ephemere, and Blood Orange, each paired with complimentary chocolate blends.

Welcome the holidays with the velvety texture of these melt-in-your-mouth chocolates.  Dilettante Chocolates Dark and Milk Chocolate Assorted Truffles (16 oz.).

- $-20.00
  • $20.00