Dan The Sausageman

From The Great Northwest

Burien, Washington

In 1988, Dan started selling sausage out of his old Dodge Dart. Though old, it was reliable enough to take it from his headquarters in Seattle to local businesses at the foothills of Mt. Rainier. After a few months, the heart of his pitch became clear: “I am Dan the Sausageman!” People laughed, sampled and ordered sausage, and Dan the Sausageman was born. 


Dan jumped at the challenge to create something from nothing, to grow a business and gain the respect of business owners and vendors alike. He wanted to be treated as a like-minded small business owner instead of a onetime peddler. Dan realized this success and quickly became the main source for client and employee gifts for many local businesses. “My partnership with Made in Washington is one big reason why my business has been around for 26 years. I am living the American Dream!” — Dan the Sausageman


In 2018 Dan was honored as ‘Small Business Person of the Year’ for Washington State by the U.S. Small Business Administration. 

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