Cate Florey Studio

Hand Stamped Jewelry

Heart Felt Messages

Arlington, Washington

Cate Florey Studio is located at Florey Farm and Fiber in Arlington, Washington. Cate creates custom one-of-kind hand-stamped jewelry, leather journals and accessories. Her designs are heart felt, personalized and nature inspired. She began her studio after she and her family relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 2012 after a career in real estate in Southern California. Building a creative studio on her farm was a dream come true for Cate and it has allowed her to be home with her children full time. Hand stamping one letter at a time while hearing stories of why words speak so powerfully to women motivates Cate the most. “So many women come to me and share their stories through their words. I’ve begun to write those words all over my bench as a tribute to these brave women. I’m truly honored to have my business, create keepsake jewelry and accessories and to be there for my girls to watch me create and interact with my community, one word at a time!”