Barn Cat Creations

Simple, Effective & Earth Friendly

Mount Vernon, Washington

Barn Cat Creations is a small-batch, artisan soap making company located in the Skagit Valley of Washington State. Barn Cat was created after owner Diana Kralovic had two babies in quick succession, and needed a way to be herself again, instead of wife and Mom. The creative and scientific process of making soap became such a joy that her house soon had more soap than was possible to use, so Barn Cat was born. Why Barn Cat Creations? The name is after her feisty, orange cat, Sean Connery, who was born in a Barn, and had the manners to prove it. Sadly Sean Con went to kitty heaven this Spring after 11 years with Diana, pre-dating her kids and marriage. 


In three years of growing and refining the business, Barn Cat has transitioned to a company with a focus on creating simple, effective and beautiful products that are good for the planet and good for the earth. Packaging is recycled and recyclable, labels are post consumer waste, 'plastic' type packaging is actually eco-cello which is compostable, and shipping materials are post-consumer waste cardboard and tissue. In addition to beautiful and colorful artisan soaps, Diana creates a full line of hair care products, facial care products and even home items like the best-selling solid dish soap bars.

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