Pendleton Motor Robe - Rob Roy Tartan


Pure virgin wool throw is softly napped and the perfect size to curl up with on the sofa or toss in the car. Each one is still woven in their American mill in Washougal, Washington and comes with a convenient leather carrier. Called steamer rugs during the early 20th century, these blankets were a warm, welcome companion for those who traveled by horse-drawn carriage, train or ship. 

When the great outdoors is your destination, wrap yourself up to defy the elements at outdoor concerts or sporting events; drape over your lap while enjoying a sleigh ride; and during warmer days, use as a picnic blanket. They are a must have for camping, skiing adventures or a day at the beach.

Not just for outdoor use — curl up with the woolen wrap and a good book; hide under cover while watching a scary movie; or use as a time honored blanket during cold, chilly nights.

• Rob Roy Tartan
• 52" x 66" plus 3½" self-fringe
• Pure virgin wool
• Fabric woven in their Washougal mill
• Dry clean

- $-99.50
  • $99.50