Fisher Fair Raspberry Jam

It was the beginning of a delicious relationship — that fateful day in 1915, when the president of the Washington State Fair, William H. Paulhamus, petitioned the Fishers to sell the very same scones they had sold at the Panama Pacific Exposition (or World’s Fair in San Francisco) at the Washington State Fair but with one addition, raspberry jam from his own farm.  The deal was sealed and in a corner booth under the grandstand, Fisher began to sell their now famous scones with this signature raspberry jam.  The rest is history and a Fair tradition we all love.

At the Fair, they cut open scones (but not all the way through) then fill with this delicious raspberry jam. And of course it's not just for scones, this tried and true jam is great on breads, muffins, waffles and pancakes. Or try a bit on cheesecake and ice cream. 

Contains some seeds.

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