Chukar Cherries Original Assortment

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Using the fruits of local Eastern Washington farms, including their own, Chukar creates small batches of freshly-made sweets to showcase the natural bounty and flavors of the Pacific Northwest. A treasure trove of 100% natural, chocolate-covered cherries, berries and nuts in an elegant box. Dark chocolate: Amaretto Rainiers, Vanilla Almonds, Cabernet, Black Forest, Classic Dark Cherries Milk chocolate: Cherry Blossoms, Cherry Bings, Honey Pecans, Truffles, Classic Milk Cherries White chocolate: Raspberry Truffles. One 10.5 oz. box. 

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Paper for catalogs and brochures, Innovative Packaging Materials on some products, Carbon neutral Shipping, Composting - Cherry Pits are diverted to agrobusiness.