& Tonic

Perfect Cocktails Starts With &TONIC

Seattle, Washington

&TONIC is an all-natural artisanal tonic syrup, crafted in Seattle from the freshest ingredients available. It is a new take on the rich and delicious history of craft cocktails. 


Since they've done the hard work in crafting a stunning tonic syrup for you, you can have an impeccable cocktail in your hand in seconds. This contemporary revival of a classic drink will totally change the way you make a cocktail. The unique flavor of &TONIC is painstakingly created using fresh ingredients, and every small batch is made by hand. 


&Tonic is more versatile than traditional tonic water. It stills pairs wonderfully with Gins and Vodkas, However, its unique flavor will have you reaching into your liquor cabinet to create your own combinations. &TONIC is unlike anything you've experienced before. Fresh hand-zested organic limes, lemons, and oranges gives &TONIC its burst of citrus flavor while the bark of the Peruvian Cinchona tree not only gives &TONIC its beautiful red-amber color, but also lends a gentle bitterness. Carefully chosen spices round out this unique flavor giving it an alluring earthiness.

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