Campfire Coffee Mountain Top Espresso Blend

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Coffee with the allure of a camping ritual. Gather round the open air campfire where the crackling fire and smoke fill the air and the dancing flame provides light, warmth and heat for roasting.  Roasting coffee that is, and every cup of Campfire Coffee hints at the great outdoor adventures you've had and those you'll plan in the future. Fuel the soul with the lost art of fire-roasted coffee, made the way people did for hundreds, maybe thousand of years, before the industrial roasters became a thing.

From a pure taste level, Campfire roasted coffee may actually be more representative of the cupping notes often listed on bags of coffee. Why is this? Well, for starters, initial cuppings of a coffee fresh from harvest usually happen right at the farm and in coffee producing regions, wood fire roasting is actually quite common. So when you see “notes of apricot and cocoa” but are wondering where that flavor is, you will likely find it in a smoky, colorful cup of Campfire Coffee.

  • Mountain Top Espresso Blend (Whole Bean): Made up of fair-trade organic and Rainforest Alliance beans from the highlands of Brazil, various Mexico farms and various East Africa farms. An espresso blend magic, a well balanced blend that’s good for whatever method you prefer and made even better campfire roasted. Notes: Chocolate, Smokey, a little Earthy. 12 oz 

Campfire Coffee doesn't claim to be coffee experts, and they're not coffee snobs. They appreciate a good roast, they love a rich single-origin and a fun blend but, if cream and sugar is how you roll it’s how they roll. They respect the nuances of coffee but even more, they respect that everyone has their thing. They are excited to bring this fun coffee + outdoor experience to you. Find yourself sitting around the campfire with every cup.