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Coro by Salumi - Mole Salami Piccolo Salami - Uncured

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Cocoa / Cinnamon / Chipotle

This longtime favorite was inspired by the magical fusion of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors made famous in the kitchens of Mexico.

5oz piccolo salami is 7 inches long by 1.6 inches wide

Meat is shelf stable. Refrigeration is not required.

Instructions: Easy-to-eat & ready to slice. No soaking, or peeling required. 

Uncured salami uses celery juice powder - a natural form of nitrate and nitrite. Please note, weights are approximate. Product sold as a stick and is not pre-sliced. Certified humanely treated vegetarian-fed pork by American Humane Certified and never treated with antibiotics.

Mole: Pork, sea salt, spices, natural cocoa, turbinado sugar, celery juice powder, garlic, lactic acid starter culture.

Customer Reviews

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I’m not a salami eater but my 17 year old loves this stuff! Mole flavor is his favorite. I’ve tasted it and agree it’s really good. The mole flavor is subtle and doesn’t overpower the salami. The other flavors are really good too and fun to sample.