Handmade La Conner - Henrietta's Dog Paw Balm

Is your dog always running around in gravel, at the beach, and on pavement. It might leave their little paw pads a bit rough. Paw Balm is soothing and moisturizing, great for healing, and best of all, it stays put! To Use: Put on at nighttime, to give the oils and butters the most amount of time to work without rubbing off their feet.

2 oz Henrietta's Paw Balm is packaged in silver screw top tins.
Henrietta is a sweet, shy, and ambitious rescue dog who now spends her days giving high fives for treats in the retail store/production space of Handmade. La Conner. It was her puppy daydream to create a line of natural products, made with love by paw, using only essential oils for her dog friends.

Sustainably sourced.

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  • $18.00
 Beeswax, Mango Butter, Lanolin, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil.