Paunchy Elephant

Only The Good Stuff!

Paunchy Elephant is a family-owned and operated company and yes, they love sweets! While their menu is packed with deliciously sweet dessert and even a few savory sauce options, they are dedicated to providing quality ingredient and environmentally conscious interpretations of popular food and beverage items. Their food and beverage lines include bottled teas, lemonades, and food sauces. Near the tiny end of the food production spectrum, all of their products are made and packaged in small batches, by hand, in a customized commercial kitchen. Every effort is made to not add anything to their products that you wouldn't add in your own home kitchen. What does that mean to you? No artificial colors, flavors, excessive salt, extreme amounts of sugar, or preservatives. Only the good stuff! Plus all items are packaged in recyclable containers. Packaging is designed to be as easy to handle as it is to transport, store, and safely dispose. Their eco-friendly label printer even uses wind-generated electricity to help power its facility!


In addition to being certified organic, Paunchy Elephant is a social purpose corporation. What that means to you is that they use their business as a 'force for good'. In addition to transparency, they believe in using their platform to help solve social, economic, and environmental issues. Be sure and say hello if you see them at charitable events in your area. Join them on their mission to make the food industry one that is even more diverse, transparent, community-first in its dealings, and oh yes... delicious! Relax. Indulge. Consume sustainably.


FOUNDER & HEAD ELEPHANT - Tamyra McKay  Having studied biochemistry at the University of Washington, the transition from classroom and theory-on-paper beliefs to real-life curiosity was not itself difficult. Over time, their Founder developed a passion for public health and the role that balanced consumption of safe, clean, and quality food products plays in overall health and everyday life. From a habit of middle-of-the-night baking and an after-college determination to find the right diet for herself, Tamyra created Paunchy Elephant. Today, the company not only produces specialty items near and dear to our founder's heart, but encourages community involvement and promotion of overall physical health, balance, and awareness through partnerships with local businesses and charitable organizations. The name of their company and 'trunk-up' elephant logo are an homage to Tamyra's parents, who've long collected elephant artwork. Her way of saluting them for their patience and unwavering support throughout her pursuit of a soul-rewarding career... The word paunchy means pot-bellied and is both a physical description of the logo and an expression of customer experiences after happily consuming their products.


CO-FOUNDER, MOTHER TO ALL, & BBQ GODDESS - Wanda McKay  With several years of public education experience under her belt and an equal amount of skill from cooking for a large family over the years, Wanda is the reason Paunchy Elephant came to be. Her 30 year old barbecue sauce recipe was the first product to bear the Paunchy Elephant name and continues to be one of their top-selling items to date. Created from scratch, not only the barbecue sauce, but many of their dessert menu items now taste of her inspiration, dedication to family, and continued reinforcement of responsibility to self first.


SALES & MARKETING MANAGER - Andrew McKay  Our Sales & Marketing Manager plays an integral part helping introduce products when they become available in new retail store locations. At demonstrations, you're sure to not only be able to view product packaging, learn about how Paunchy Elephant came to be, but quite possibly meet Andrew or one of the other members of our founding family.

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