Jensen Toffee Co

Something Sweet Is Coming Your Way

Simply Delicious Handcrafted Toffee

Seattle, Washington

What started as a long-time family recipe for over 40 years has blossomed into a Mother and Daughter in-law business. The idea of selling Toni’s coveted toffee had come up several times over the years but the idea never took root until Francesca and Toni joined forces in March 2021 to create the business and begin selling her delicious toffee. They landed on the idea of Jensen Toffee given their shared last name and that it was an original family recipe. Their delicious toffee is prepared locally at a kitchen in Mill Creek with special care to creating high quality, consistently exceptional toffee. Four premium ingredients are used, and it is the technique that gives Jensen Toffee it’s signature flavor and texture.
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