Honest Biscuits

Seattle, Washington

Honest Biscuits was started by Art Stone in 2011. He had recently moved to Seattle from North Carolina and he missed the biscuits he was accustomed to back home. He first made biscuits with his grandmother on a farm in rural North Carolina when he was a small boy. He started the business baking the biscuits himself and taking them to local farmers markets and events to sell. After selling the Southern biscuits from a tent on the cobblestones at Pike Place Market, Honest Biscuits opened a biscuit shop in Pike Place Market in 2015. There they sell biscuits, biscuit sandwiches, biscuits and gravy, and other Southern food - including fried chicken.  Honest biscuit mixes feature local flour from Washington State, and although they do not have any certifications, they are all natural and non-GMO and use some organic ingredients.

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