STEM based Educational Science Kits for Geology

Inspire Your Junior Geologist

Liberty Lake, Washington

The GeoKidz story began in 2018 at the third birthday party of Justin & Melia's son. Their three-year old loved digging in the backyard for treasures – including both the creepy-crawly (ew gross!) and the ‘cool rock’ types of treasures. Although a magnifying glass and container were good enough for the creepy crawly specimens, they found it challenging to find products that inspired their little geologist. Enter Dad the Geologist!


They created their first GeoKidz kit to give their son a new, hands-on way to explore the world! As a professional geologist, Justin had a few ideas on what tools and skill were a must for a young explorer! A real hand lens (check), mapping compass (check), mineral identification guide (check), specimen bag (check), rock hammer (ouch-maybe not for a three-year old!), display box for favorite minerals (check)…the list continued to grow!


They continued to improve their first kit, and along the way developed two other kits to allow kids to explore geology through home science experiments, mineral identification, and more.

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