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Bigfoot's Mighty Brew, Ground Coffee 10 oz

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It’s dawn in the high country of the Cascades. People say that every morning in undiscovered clearings in the forest, a sleepy-eyed creature rises on two legs to face the morning sun, then quietly disappears into the woods. It’s a legendary ritual that Bigfoot has done since the beginning of time to signal a new day has begun. Although there are many indigenous stories, folklore, and myths about this daily event, it has never been documented or captured on film.

There is however another part of Bigfoot’s dawn routine that there is mounting evidence to support — Bigfoot Drinks Coffee!    We submit the following proof:

• Mysterious Coffee Aromas
• Abandoned Cups
• The Secret Recipe
• World Center of Coffee Roasting

On many brisk mountain mornings, unsuspecting hikers have delighted in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting in from parts unknown. They naturally attribute it to other hikers in the area, never realizing that what they were actually smelling was Bigfoot’s Mighty Brew. Also, there have been reports of cups of hot coffee mysteriously appearing near lost hikers; and, some cups have even been found hastily abandoned by the side of waterfalls. Additionally a recipe exists that has been passed down via loggers who say that this is Bigfoot’s secret recipe! It seems to us, that when you start adding it all up you begin to understand why the Northwest is known as the world center of coffee roasting — it’s the missing link — the art and science of coffee roasting and brewing must have somehow begun with Bigfoot and his Mighty Brew!

Bigfoot’s Mighty Brew is just that, mighty good! When brewed, this elusive recipe is earthy, mellow and rich. It is vibrant and strong  just like the big guy and of course plushy and full bodied.  According to Bigfoot,  it tastes best when brewed with fresh Cascadian water — river, waterfall, or glacier he likes them all.

Enjoy a cup today by the campfire or cave! Ground Coffee, 10 oz

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April Dunnivan
Unique and awesome gift for any coffee lover👍☕

The incredibly well written back story on Bigfoots Mighty Brew absolutely sold me! That was awesome! I am giving this for a Christmas gift but I can't wait to buy my own and try it! The info about the maker sold me also!👍😄