MarketSpice Tea - Cinnamon-Orange Tea 24ct


MarketSpice's famous original black tea blend of citrus and spice! Located in Seattle's famous Pike Place Public Market, MarketSpice has been a key source for exotic spices since 1911. Their understanding of spice combinations led to the creation of MarketSpice Tea, a Seattle favorite known for its clove, cinnamon and orange flavorings. MarketSpice teabags are made with liquid flavorings and should be stored in an airtight glass container in the refrigerator upon opening to preserve freshness. One 24-count box.

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Customer Reviews

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Best Tea ... Ever!

My favorite! Also makes a really good iced tea!

Kari B
Fabulous tea

Ever since I visited Seattle and had this tea, it has been my favorite tea ever and I’ve had tea all over the world!

Robin Anderson
Love that tea!

I was first introduced to Market Spice tea when I visited my sister in Washington in 1993. I fell in love with it! I have always liked a good spiced tea and have tried others but Market Spice tea is the best. All the others pale in comparison to it. I bought some when we visited Pike Place Market, one of my favorite places on earth. There were no issues with ordering and the tea arrived promptly. I appreciate the other reviewers' comments about making iced tea out of it and freezing it to preserve the oils.

Robbin Wood
My all time favorite tea

I love teas. I have always loved this tea and when I had to stop drinking sodas I switched to drinking Iced Tea. This makes the most delicious Ice Tea. If you like a really sweet tea you can add honey to it. Otherwise it is perfect as is. One thing to note with this tea is to be careful of the expiration date. The orange oils will turn bitter if not used by the expiration date. I keep my extra boxes in the freezer.

I've been drinking this tea for several years and it's my absolute favorite, year round.

I've been drinking this tea for several years and it's my absolute favorite, year round. It has a robust flavor, needs no sugar and is just a great flavored tea. I've recommended it to my family and friends. Also, shipping is usually just a few days and always arrives in great shape.