Apolis Craft Tea - Peppermint Tea

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Flavor Profile:  sweet, herbaceous, cooling. 

Most of the world's peppermint comes from Morocco, but here in the US, the Pacific Northwest is king!  Each season Apolis Tea cups many different peppermints looking for an eye-watering minty flavor that is clean and cool.  Grown in Washington and Oregon, their peppermint tea brews a sweet cup with a clean herbaceous flavor and seriously minty finish.  Refreshing hot or iced.  15 compostable tea bags.  0.72 oz

  • Caffeine-free.
  • 100% organic ingredients. 
  • Powder-coated glass mason jars. They are totally air tight and protect tea from all UV light.  5" (h) x 3" (diam).  
Organic peppermint. Non-GMO, produced in a Gluten and Allergy -free facility.