Chelan Beauty

Preserving & Restoring Lake Chelan Farmland To Grow The Most Sought-after Fruit In The World

Small. Local. Organic. 100% Fruit

Lake Chelan, Washington

With over 30 years of sustainable farming under their belt, owners Bill and Angell Clark hope to set the stage for other growers in their small valley, as well as around the world.  Both Angell and Bill came from grandparents who homesteaded in the Lake Chelan valley and the couple share a deep appreciation for sustainable agriculture in the region. Their award winning organic family farm has been growing specialty organic produce since 1991. In the past few years, their farm has moved towards wholesale/packaging, shipping, and e-commerce food delivery. Their team is made up of 3 companies. The farm (Diamondback Acres) grows specialty varieties of certified organic apples, cherries, and blueberries. The packing and shipping company (Glacier Fed Organics) sells these premium commodities to co-ops and markets. The retail side of their farm (Chelan Beauty) ships fruit directly to the doorsteps of their customers. , t

Freeze-Dried Organic Red Cherries, Blueberries, and Honeycrisp Apples are produced from their very own premium fresh fruit. All their fruit is grown and picked locally in Lake Chelan by their small year-round team and seasonal staff. They are proudly Certified Organic under the USDA and WSDA, Salmon-Safe and Non-GMO. The two stage Freeze Drying process is all done in Washington State, with the freezing being completed in Central WA and the drying being sourced in Western WA.

All their Freeze Dried fruit has zero sugar added, along with no artificial additives. When you buy their products, you are enjoying 100% fruit. And unlike many of their competitors, their Freeze Dried fruit comes from a small, organic, family owned farm —  all their fruit is grown, picked and processed in Washington State, making it 100% local and 100% healthy for you.