Capuli Club Tea

Edible Infused Teas

Redmond, Washington

Sips & TreatsTM by Capuli Club originated in 2017 as an expression of the supportive friendship between two artists (a mother and a daughter) based in Redmond, Washington. Lourdes and Gabriela, one an accountant and the other one an architect, joined their talents and passion for beautiful experiences and mindful living to develop a new and refreshing lifestyle brand. As one of 50 million Americans, Gabriela struggled with IBS. Stress combined with artificial flavors and ingredients found in many foods affected her as they affect almost 75% of the American population. The irresponsible ingredients in food and a hectic lifestyle had made Gabriela sensitive to many food groups. 


Whenever Gabriela and Lourdes traveled to Ecuador, their country of origin, they found a refreshing joy in the afternoons talking for hours on end after lunch with the family. Many of these lunches didn't end with heavy desserts but rather with warm-infused-drinks made from fresh herbs and naturally sweetened with infused fruits. Gabriela and Lourdes noticed that these drinks created a space to gather around the table, relax and enjoy something beautiful, colorful, and delicious. They thought that they could bring these experiences to Seattle during any season of the year by dehydrating fruits, herbs, and spices. In the process, Capuli's Sips & TreatsTM were born —  becoming a wonderful way to share natural, beautiful, calming, sustainable, and healthy experiences with many people.


They started selling their Sips & Treats at farmers markets and pop-up events. After witnessing so many fruits being discarded due to minor imperfections, they decided to make it their mission to upcycle imperfect fruits into beautiful drinks that inspire. Energized by a dream to develop a renewed culture of appreciation for food and the experiences that revolve around it, they are working hard to grow Capuli Club.


Why Capulí?

The Capuli Cherry tree, native to South America, is one of the most generous and fruitful cherry trees. A strong and gentle plant — it embodies their mission of how they pursue growth; with fortitude and sensibility. Capuli Club seeks to embody a caring community that inspires sustainable healthy habits benefiting both body and soul.


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