Harvey's Popcorn - Real Butter Toffee

One bite of Harvey's Real Butter Toffee covered popcorn and you will taste the difference that sets it apart from the rest. You will notice their rich buttery flavor and crisp texture that only happens when you use pure, simple ingredients and true confectionery methods. Each bag of Harvey's specialty popcorn is hand-crafted in the Pacific Northwest.  9 oz.

  • Air Popped
  • No Preservatives
  • Whole Grain
  • Non-GMO Corn
  • Gluten Free
- $-8.00
  • $8.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Good stuff

Corinne Philliber
I may need to start a support group for people like myself who are heavily addicted to your delic...

The very best I have ever eaten !!!!

Corinne Philliber
butte toffee popcorn

I am 67 yrs.old and consider myself a popcorn expert as it is my favorite snack of all time.My daughter bought me a bag of Harvys butter toffee popcorn and I was instantly hooked ! I bought 4 more bags the next day.I can honestly say that Harveys is the best flavored popcorn I have ever eaten !!! Much to my dismay I went to the store where we purchased it and it was nowhere to be found which brought me to this website so I can
easily order as much as I like ! I also love the fact that it is made in my home state making it very fresh!

Rose Beane
Best Toffe Popcorn Ever!

This popcorn is amazing. It is the best butter toffee popcorn. My 4 year old grandson thinks so too. He and I ate the entire bag. When we got to the bottom of the bag we shared the last several pieces. He laughed and my heart was happy!

BF Wiese
Harvey's Popcorn is THE BEST!

My sister sent me a wonderful "Movie Night Snack Box" from the Made in Washington Store. FULL of goodies, which I sample tasted pretty much right away. All except for the Harvey's Buttery Toffee Popcorn. That stuff is not going to make it to Movie Night! I have managed not to wolf it down in one sitting, but it will disappear, soon. Great popcorn, and it is so yummy buttery AND the toffee is not the kind that sticks in your teeth. It's just smooth and yummy. I'm ordering more and trying the other flavors, too. This time I'll try to discipline myself and be kind and share it with friends. I really will try.