Absolutely Nuts

Lake Stevens, Washington

Simone Rogers grew up eating Cinnamon Roasted Nuts “Gebrannte Mandeln” as a child in Germany. Her favorite childhood memories are going to a carnival and getting a delicious treat of fresh, warm cinnamon nuts and munching them right out of a colorful paper cone. Her mother had those same wonderful, delicious memories from her own childhood.


Fast forward... her family immigrated to the United States and landed in Arizona in 1979. Her enthusiastic Mom thought it would be great fun to sell those traditional cinnamon nuts in their new home. She believed in the idea so much that her mother brought her sister over from Germany and together they apprenticed, worked hard and practiced roasting those nuts to perfection. Each batch was fussed over and critically evaluated to meet their high standards and she opened “Grandma Goes Nuts” in AZ.


Her mother's enthusiasm was so contagious that Simone decided to learn the craft from her and in 2008 started “Absolutely Nuts” in Washington state.     

"I love being in this nutty business and have met the most wonderful people at so many different
events. I’m amazed at how it has grown and gained a loyal following. After more than a decade
of roasting nuts at local festivals and farmers markets, each batch is still fussed over with that
same dedication to perfection."

And of course she still uses Mom’s traditional recipe and nut roaster. They select only the finest and freshest quality ingredients for each batch of nuts. This ensures that each nut is absolutely delicious with a balanced flavor and a tender, crispy texture. Get that fresh out of the roaster taste straight out of the bag or pair them in gift boxes other gourmet treats. They are gluten free and vegan. But be warned . . . they are addicting.

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