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Plan A Cozy Night In With Made In Washington

Crackling fires, cocoa with all the marshmallows, oversized sweaters, and…what’s that smell? Mulled apples and cinnamon on the stove? 

Yeah, it’s getting really cozy around here. 

At Made In Washington, we’ve been busy pulling together all of our favorite cozy season items to give you the ultimate night in. If you’ve ever been to the Pacific Northwest, you know cozy nights can go in a few directions. In this blog, we’ll focus on two options: One with friends and family and one that’s just for you. 

Let’s burrow right back under the Pendleton blankets (they have a mill in Washington!) and plan for more snuggling up, shall we? Keep scrolling to put together the perfect indoorsy eve for you, featuring all things designed, crafted, and made in Washington.  

For Family Game Night

Earlier sunsets and dark, starry evenings lend themselves to family game nights. Here are two ways we’d set them up at our houses:

Game Night Idea 1

Lure the kids in with Harvey’s Popcorn (we’re partial to the Real Butter Toffee and Butter Rum Toffee flavors—because why have one type of toffee when you can have two?) and Lantern Press’s Pacific Northwest Marine Animals Puzzle. Orcas are a lot of things, especially crowd-pleasers. If you’ve ever been on a wildlife tour or a perfectly timed ferry ride in the San Juan Islands, you know what we mean. 

Lantern Press Puzzle

Give yourselves two hours to see how far you can get. You can put your family in teams or have each person work on a different section or see how many pieces you can all get done within your designated timeframe. You can either repeat this process as many times as you need as you encourage togetherness and lowered screen time OR leave the puzzle out for family drive-bys until it’s complete.  

Game Night Idea 2

The Mountains Are Calling Book
Set out the contents of your Deluxe Bite of Washington Box to munch on and give each family member a copy of The Mountains Are Calling. Ask them all to come prepared with a proposal of which mountain they want to visit next, why, and how they want to get there (planes, trains, or automobiles). Then, you can all debate, vote, and come up with a plan for your next family adventure! 

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For A Cozy Night To Yourself

With big, fast-paced lives, it’s a rare treat to sit down with a beautiful book and wrap ourselves in a blanket cocoon. Take it all up a notch by giving yourself a chocolate tasting. 


Chukar Cherries Tin

Throw a Pacific Wonderland Pendleton Blanket across your legs, steep a fragrant bag from your MarketSpice Tea Set in a hand-thrown KJ Pottery White and Smoke Mug, set out your metallic gold-flecked Northwest Makes Organic Linen Napkins, and proceed to sample as much Brown & Haley Original Almond Roca, Seattle Chocolate Assorted Truffles, Whimsy Chocolates Dark Salted Caramels, or Chukar Cherries out of a Northwest Keepsake Box from your coffee table spread as you want to. 

In between bites, flip through the pages of the highly giftable Northwest Know How Beaches Book and start dreaming about your next beach vacation. 

Add a candle of your choice and, mmmm, you’re making a dent in that couch cushion. It’s all feeling perfectly right, isn’t it? 

Oh, and if bubbly soaks are your style, peruse our selection of Washington-crafted bath and body products that will leave you feeling deeply cleansed—mind, body, and soul. 

You deserve all the love you give to everyone else! Go ahead and indulge. 

Celebrate Washington—And Yourself

What we love about these ideas is that while you’re enjoying screen-free time with the people you love the most, you’re also investing in the state you hold near and dear. You really can’t go wrong with however you want to create the perfect analog night for you. What matters most is carving out that time to be thoughtful and slow. Enjoy your cozy night in!