New Year, New Me: Self-Care Ideas for 2023

At Made In Washington, we are committed to happy, healthy Washingtonians, and our version of “New Year, New Me” includes a lot of self-care. To us, “new” means refreshed, revitalized, and ready to take action on big goals.

As you’ll see as you go through this list, our makers have self-care at the front of their minds, too. Can you see why we all get along so well? Check out our self-care ideas for 2023—they’re ripe with ideas that will inspire you to soak a little longer in the tub, cozy up under perfectly-scented sheets, create dreamy ambiance, and, ultimately, spend quality time with your #1: YOU. 

Embracing the “New Year, New Me” mentality with Made In Washington

Our passion lies at the intersection of our makers and our customers. We consider ourselves primo PNW matchmakers between the people who design and create our robust catalog of products and the people who get great joy from experiencing those products. 

So, in the spirit of easing into the new year, we compiled a large handful of our favorite things that we think will make you feel really good in your mind, body, and soul. Whether you grab one, all, or bookmark this page with the intention of treating yourself later, you’ll find something to love from a proud Washingtonian here.  

Taking Care of Your Skin

Winter wreaks havoc on our usually hydrated and supple skin (we’re proud temperate rainforest climate fans here!), so doubling down on an expanded skincare regimen will not only make your body’s largest organ happy, but it’ll also provide moments of pause for you to breathe deeply and spend a little extra time being kind to yourself. 


Self Care Ideas: Riverdance Soapworks Rosemary Scrub Bar Soap

We like to exfoliate with the Riverdance Soapworks Rosemary Scrub Soap. Each bar quite literally lathers you in luxury! Calming rosemary revives and stimulates the senses, while sage adds anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties—especially important during the colder months! The two are balanced by the earthy, fresh aroma of eucalyptus. 

Did we catch you taking deep breaths already? Same. Go big and grab Riverdance’s Peace & Pampering Gift Box if you’re ready to go all-in on an at-home spa day. 

If scrubs are more your jam, check out Handmade La Conner’s Bow Hill Blueberry Scrub. We love a local collab (we built our business on them, after all!), and this one is especially juicy. The mouthwatering exfoliator is made with organic heirloom Bow Hill blueberry powder (for antioxidants and detoxing), shea butter (for softness, smoothing, and hydration), and coconut oil (for hydration squared). The addition of a slight citrus scent from lemons ensures this scrub will become a staple in your personal pampering arsenal. 

Self Care Ideas: Handmade La Conner - Bath Salt Floral


Tub soakers, check out Handmade La Conner’s Floral Bath Salts. They’re made with lavender (for calming) and dead sea salts (for detoxing). Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the dreaminess or get pruny with a good book. This is your time! 

One last thing from Handmade La Conner that’s really going to seal your at-home spa deal: Fresh sheets washed in their Lavender Laundry Soap. Nothing compares to sliding into fresh, crisp sheets after a long day, and knowing that your laundry soap is free from all toxins while also handmade in small batches makes everything feel extra special. 

A light slathering of Townsend Bay Sea Mist Lotion post-shower or bath, and you’re about to have the best sleep of your life. Talk about waking up as a new you! 

Creating an Oasis with Locally-Sourced Scents

A self-made spa day is one thing, and expanding that to creating a bedroom oasis is a whole new level of “New Year, New Me.” 

Let’s talk options. 

We love the subtle winter hibernation support message prettily emblazoned on our Cancelled Plans Candle. It’s like it knows how exhausted we are from the holidays and supports our body’s need to be horizontal. Hand-poured in Seattle, this candle captures our January “New Year, New Me, but also let me rest” vibe perfectly. You’ll find yourself walking past it as often as possible to get whiffs of the clean-burning blend of aloe, agave, chrysanthemum, green floral, and patchouli. Our new best friend that gives us permission to say, “You know, I think I’ll stay in tonight,” is made of coconut and apricot wax with a cotton wick in a white blown-glass tumbler. 

Self Care Ideas: Seattle Candle Company Scent No. 5 [Grapefruit + Mint]


If you’re looking to create a whole candle altar (because why not?), add the Seattle Candle Company Scent No. 5, Grapefruit and Mint to the lineup. It’s refreshing, tangy, and punchy, and it’ll inspire you to get up and get moving. This candle is your buddy when you’re looking for motivation to get up and take on the world. 

Interested in something flameless? We have options for that, too. Do a little twirl and spritz your Handmade La Conner’s Sweet Orange Room Spray. It’ll give you just enough scent to perk you up for the day ahead. Extra spritzes encouraged.   

Self Care Ideas: Orcas Song Farm Lavender Organic Essential Oil


And, when the day is done, add a few drops of OrcaSong Farm’s Lavender Organic Essential Oil to your diffuser, wrists, or back of your ears to induce total zen. You can even use it as a massage oil.  

Pro Tip: If you use dryer balls, this oil works beautifully on them, too. Remember those crisp sheets we mentioned earlier? Mmmm. 

Building a Self-Care Gift Box 

Why not treat yourself the way you treat the most important people in your life and build a self-care box by and for you? Pick from the items above or spend some time on our website sprinkling in some other items you’ve been interested in trying. 

Show us how you’re investing in your “New Year, New Me” self! Tag us on social media: @madeinwashington_ on Instagram and @Made.In.Washington on Facebook with all your goodies. 

Happy New Year!