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Get Your Business Gifts from Made In Washington

When you buy your business gifts from Made In Washington, you know you’re getting curated packages full of items that are designed, crafted, and made to honor the state we all love so dearly. And when the person or business you’re celebrating is also based in or coming to Washington for a special event? Well, that’s a match made in gifting heaven.

We’ve been in the gifts business for over forty years, which is pretty impressive—even to us! After four decades, we know gifting—especially for business associates, clients, and colleagues—can be uniquely stressful. That’s why we have Gifting Specialists devoted to helping you put together the perfect, locally-grown gifts for all of your people. 

Whether you’re cheering on the launch of a small business with locally crafted coffee or saying farewell to a beloved colleague with a bag of chocolate truffles, we have something for every company occasion—and more. Keep reading to find something to love, to send, and to celebrate. 

New Employee Gifts 

What’s so fun about getting gifts from Made In Washington is that finding the right gift doesn’t have to mean giving the same item to everyone. 

Say you hired a few employees at the same time: our flexible options mean you can either select an identical pre-boxed gift for everyone on your list, design a custom collection that suits the group, or pick and choose different items for each new hire. 

Whatever the case, the right local gift at the right time:

  • Fosters strong relationships
  • Delivers handcrafted quality that offers something unique and special
  • Ensures everyone receives something they will love and use

They’ll sit down at their new desk, a little nervous on their first day, to something hand-selected just for them. And they’ll never forget how welcome they felt. 

And, don’t forget about their birthdays, promotions, and other big life events once they’re settled on your team. We have gifts for those things, too! 

Good Luck Gifts for New Businesses

Our gifts aren’t just items—they are curated products from the best makers in our state, both iconic and new to you, with meaningful stories behind them. We may have started forty years ago, but we still understand the fresh-on-the-field feeling. It is a big deal to start a business and your desire to recognize that for someone says a lot about your heart. 

It may be a little Inception to give a new business a gift from a fellow small business, but it’s meta in a way that feels just right. Who better to celebrate a new business venture than someone who truly understands what it’s like to be in your position? We know about 200 people who probably have just the thing. From hand-thrown mugs to small-batch candles, we know you’ll find the perfect gift for them.

Alternatively, if you’re leaving a business to start something new and want to thank your teammates or staff for their loyalty before you depart, show them how much you value them with a Washington-crafted gift. Regardless of what season you’re in in your career or business, we can help you usher it in.  

Client Appreciation Gifts and Thank You Business Gifts

Whether you’re expressing gratitude, building connections, or celebrating holidays, you’ve come to the right place. We believe gratitude is always in season and can come in many forms. Together, we can reimagine what business gifting can be and create moments of appreciation that last a lifetime. 

You may have bonded with your clients about your shared love of tea. We have a few gift sets for that, including one that has the added sweetness of honey! For the grillmasters, set them up with a trio of rubs. Want to treat them to some self-care? Check out our spa and skin-care category. If you believe in the simplicity of a bite of something sweet, start building your gifts around our Chocolate, Candy, & Cookies

And if you’re stumped or ordering for a bunch of people at once? Just ask us!   

Holiday Business Gift Ideas

Porter Lane Home Merry Candle | Made In Washington |  Lemon & Juniper Natural Candles

Each year, we create a Holiday Gift Guide full of ideas for individuals, small businesses, and corporations. Find last year’s gift guide featuring gifts from each Maker of The Month here. It can serve as a point of inspiration, a shoppable brochure, or the beginning of a conversation with one of our Gifting Specialists. 

Trust us, we love holidays, so no time is too soon to start working with us to come up with your plan. Of all the things to check off your endless to-dos, make holiday gifting a list you don’t have to check twice. 

Here are some sample greetings you can add to your holiday gift:

Thanks for letting us be part of your team! 

(sent with a Bite of Washington gift box)

Thank you for all you have done and your continued support of our company. Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. 

(sent with a selection of smoked salmon and Chukar Cherries)

May this holiday season fill your home with warmth and joy! 

(sent with a hand-picked holiday candle)

Gifts for Event Attendees

We know you’re working hard to make your events and company occasions unique. We’ll help you elevate them through memorable gifting.

Your event attendees will get premium products from Made In Washington from the Washington brands they love (or will come to love). Longtime Washingtonians ourselves, we offer the brands and products people want, recognize, and associate with our state. We look for category leaders, new trends, and products that have stood the test of time, made by dedicated and innovative local makers. We work with people who give back to and create jobs in their communities—much like you do. In that sense, choosing to buy your event attendee gifts from Made In Washington is a synergistic and kindred choice. Everyone has the same goal!  

Consider the gifts you give out at your event—whether it’s a 500-person conference or a small team offsite—the types of products people might not always purchase for themselves but gush about receiving. We know the details make the difference and with Made In Washington gifts you can please everyone, even the least excitable members of your group. 

Conference Gifts, Meeting Gifts, and Event Swag

While you’re busy organizing event programs, scheduling speakers, onboarding, training, lining up accommodations, and coordinating, let us take on the gifts. 

With so much to do, it’s easy for gifts to be overlooked or to opt for company-branded swag. What you may not know is countless unwanted promotional items and swag end up in landfills annually. With our thoughtfully designed and handcrafted artisan gifts, you’ll be guaranteed both quality and appeal. Call our Gifting Specialists to help you get started with gifts your attendees will love, use, and enjoy!

And, if you’re bringing people to town, consider welcoming them with a “Wow!” factor waiting in their room when they get to the Evergreen State. Here’s a preview of what we can create together

Made In Washington Has The Best Gifts for Business Owners and Beyond

Design Your Gift Box | Made In Washington | Build Your Own Gift Box With Locally Made Products | Build A Custom Box

If you can, start your gifting process early to ensure the best product selection and low-stress shipping timelines (did we mention we can ship directly to you, your giftees, we can send digital gift cards, OR you can pick up at one of our Western Washington locations?). But, we also know that when it comes to business dealings, sometimes events escalate quickly. 

Don’t sweat if you need something quickly! We’re as practiced in a pinch as we are with plenty of lead time. Whatever your timeline, get in touch with us to start the conversation and show your people how much you care.  

If you’re still in the browsing stage, check out our website to learn about our local makers and the artisan gifts we carry. With hundreds of products to choose from, it’s easy to build a package that fits your vision and your budget. 

We can’t wait to work with you. Happy gifting!