Spunks Pumpkin Seeds Variety Pack

A variety pack of pumpkin seeds with a kick. Spunks are an awesomely roasted pumpkin seed snack — the best pumpkin seed snack for the healthy conscious. They are double grade AA, triple organic certified seeds packed full of the good healthy stuff for your body. Truly spiced to give these seeds a kick. 6 (5 oz bags)

Why do people like Spunks?

  • Awesome flavor
  • Nut free
  • Keto diet friendly
  • Great source of protein, magnesium, zinc, iron and more . . . 
  • No shelling required 
  • All natural, No MSG, and Gluten Free

Plus they only produce pumpkin seeds in their facility so there is no risk of cross contamination.

Variety 6-pack includes:

Original Cajun Kick - The 1st flavor that got them into the pumpkin seed biz, it is a gentle warm that grows on you! 
Extra Cajun Kick - A little warmer Cayenne pepper. 
Garlic Pepper  Just right to replace the crouton in soups or salads. 
Sea Salt - Is for just about anyone.  
Sriracha  It's a different kind of heat, rather sweet and smoky. 
Naked - Is just that, nothing added except for the dry roasted pumpkin seed. 

- $-48.00
  • $48.00
  • Original Cajun Kick - Pumpkin seeds, salt, garlic, cayenne pepper. 
  • Extra Cajun Kick - Pumpkin seeds, salt, garlic, cayenne pepper. 
  • Garlic Pepper - Pumpkin seeds, salt, garlic pepper, cayenne pepper. 
  • Sea Salt - Pumpkin seeds, sea salt 
  • Sriracha - Ingredients: Pumpkin Seeds, Salt, Sugar, Red Pepper, (maltodextrin, white distilled vinegar, modified food starch), dehydrated garlic, paprika, xanthum gum, oil of garlic. 
  • Naked - Pumpkin seeds

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