Silagy Sauce - Smokin Habanero Sauce Dormancy Edition Bale Breaker Stout

Silagy added Bale Breaker’s breakfast stout to their classic Smokin’ Habanero for a sauce that shines like the morning sun.

This is the ultimate wake-up call.

Silagy is stoked on this collab with Bale Breaker! They’re family-owned, just like Silagy, and they grow all their own hops because they know the value of quality, local ingredients (also like Silagy!). Enjoy it anytime on almost anything. Just a couple drops should do the trick. 8 fl oz

- $-9.00
  • $9.00
Fresh Peppers, white vinegar, Bale Breaker Stout, onions, Carrots, fresh garlic, salt, spices, xanthan gum, smoked with NW hardwood.