Kingfisher Specialty Roast - Black Lightning

Black Lightning – Italian & White – Ground
Extremely Dark : Maximum Caffeine

Italian Roast / White Coffee Intermezzo Style

Black Lightning is a delightful accident. Many of their customers are fine Arabica coffee drinkers that love their Black Diamond (Italian) roast for the taste. In the process of critiquing their coffee, their observations and requests were that they loved the extremely dark roast they offer but wanted more caffeine in their daily drink (caffeine is roasted out of coffee beans the darker they are roasted). They experimented with mixing white coffee – intermezzo style – with their Black Diamond roast. It contains the high caffeine of white coffee and the rich dark taste of their Italian roast. It was exactly what customers were seeking. To the best of their knowledge, they are the only coffee roaster in the world with this unique blend. 

It turns out that opposites do attract?!

Ground Coffee,  12 oz bag

- $-12.00
  • $12.00