Sally By The Sea - Green Trees Towel

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Sally’s Green Trees Towel celebrates our record-breaking trees!  When it comes to really big trees, Washington is home to some champions.

  • Olympic National Park is home to the country’s largest Subalpine fir (~130 ft. tall), Alaska yellow-cedar ( ~126 ft. tall) and Pacific silver fir (~218 ft. tall). 
  • Wenatchee National Forest is home to a ~103 ft. tall Subalpine Larch.
  • Lake Quinault is home to a ~298 ft. tall Douglas-fir.  

Share this celebration of trees and the environmental frontline they provide.  Kitchen towels are silkscreened by hand with eco-friendly inks on 100% unbleached, renewable USA cotton. 

- $-10.00
  • $10.00